Psychic reading?

Psychic reading helps to awake you from insight and motivate you to stay po...

  • frankmill

Have you ever hired any lawyer?

Almost everything we do is affected by laws. The law is very complex so a p...

  • LarryPridmore

Who is better? Russell Wilson or Colin Kaepernick?

Who is the better QB in the NFL? Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson or the Sa...

  • slimyanteater

Who is the Hottest Girl in the World?

Check out this picture poll and cast your vote for the hottest girl in the...

  • wicked

Are there ghosts in space?

It seems like there certainly should be ghosts in space. I mean, why not? U...

  • exquisitelaptop

What's your shoe size?

I think most people have under a size 10. This is for BOTH boys and girls s...

  • punydog

What do you like?

please tell

  • shortmusician

What is your favorite part of baseball season?

Which part?

  • plant

Should Kelly Clarkson have Married Brandon Blackstock?

Whoa! Kelly Clarkson just married Brandon Blackstock... Should she have don...

  • grand

Should Jim Leyland have retired?

Legendary baseball coach Jim Leyland has retired as the coach of the Detroi...

  • purpledime

Will Tim Tebow play for the Rams?

Rumor has it that Tim Tebow is being eyed by the Rams to come in and be the...

  • lifelesspapaya

Are you voting for Obama, Romney, or other in 2012?


  • brownnipple

Who is better? Peyton Manning or Eli Manning?

Which QB is better out of the brothers? Peyton or Eli?

  • purpledime

Do you think Reggie Wayne is out for the entire season?

Do you think the Colts wide receiver, Reggie Wayne will be out the entire s...

  • violetchair

Do you think will work?

Will the website for Obamacare work to reform healthcare? What do you think...

  • lumpycreamsicle

Why Andre Risen waste over $1M on jewelry?

Why did Andre Risen waste over a million dollars on jewelry?

  • roundnipple