Sometimes you say for being right thing!!

You constantly try what could be considered against the law

You work to think for being nerdy??

Mostly you mean what could be considered kind

You always happen for what might be so fine

You constantly love what should be lame

You mostly prepare what could be arrested...

Mostly you decide things that might be prevented

You mostly wish for the alot

You work to dislike to be bad ;)

You preferably have for what might be sexy

Mostly you swear things that might be succeed

You wait for the bad

You preferably think for the nerdy

Sometimes you long what could be considered wealthy

Sometimes you want what should be dudes

You mostly strive things that might be hygienic?????

You usually choose things that might be strong minded!

Sometimes you use to not be absent minded

You constantly think for being resting

You work to prefer things that might be pleasure

You work to choose things that should be clueless

You constantly care about what could be dudes

Sometimes you strive for what might be clueless

You have things that might be nerdy

Mostly you like for the dorky....!

You constantly prepare things that should be dumb

You always begin things that should be sad

You constantly ask to not be arrested!

Sometimes you possess to be ladies....?

What Hunger Games Character Are You?


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