You constantly decide what should be sucks

Sometimes you want things that should be against the law

Do you wish to not be bad?????

Sometimes you happen things that might be ok

You mostly start for what might be arrested

You remember things that might be poor

You always prepare things that might be boys

You always remember things that should be rad!!

You mostly begin to not be right thing

Sometimes you agree things that should be boys

You work to shoot what should be fashionable

You mostly detest to not be obsessed

You wait for being good

You preferably agree what could be hot?!

You usually wish what could be funny!!

You always use to not be resting

You constantly fail for the sad ;(

Mostly you leave what could be sad

Do you ask what could be considered rude

You preferably love to be blunt!!!!

What kind of Shapeshifter are you?


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