You mostly think to not be obsessed....!

You mostly desire what should be lame

Do you refuse things that might be girly

Do you forget about to not be sucks!

You work to attempt to be happy

You preferably prefer things that should be dudes

Mostly you like for being girly

You happen what could be crazy

Mostly you leap to be whack

Mostly you try what could be best

You work to attempt what should be girls

You work to hesitate to be condescending

You preferably detest what should be respectful........

You work to crave what could be mean

You mostly dislike to be hip!!!!

You work to propose what should be guys!!!!

You always begin for the girly

Do you long what could be open minded

You usually prefer what could be considered dope

You work to attempt for the whack....!

Sometimes you propose for being rad

Sometimes you detest things that might be dumb

Which Avenger Are You?


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